Projet de Pang Bo

In this project I used processing to implement a plane game which could be controlled by user’s voice. The user need to sound “da” to fire a bullet and “qiu~~” to launch a missile to destroy the aerolite.

At the first course after I watching the professor’s demo of processing, I was shocked by using such a easy way to combine image, audio, control function together to implement a program without considering about if it is MCV, if it uses a good engine, etc the problems we always think about before when we want to make a software. Here we don’t need to think about any deep programming problem, what we need is only our imagination. So this time I decide to combine image , sound together. And also I want to make it interesting. During the professor’s demo, he used voice control to “shock “ those point. It inspired me to think maybe I could do a voice-control game by maybe more like a real game. So finally the idea making a plane game came into my mind.

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